Today's Creatives work differently. Whether it's rendering a new retail concept's spatial design—or tweaking figures on a spreadsheet to assess its financial viability, coming up with the right words & graphic design for mar-com or refining a snippet of code to better integrate a payment gateway with an e-com site, today's digitally native creatives thrive in a new form of work environment that facilitates fluid and constant change between modes of work—from ideation, to focussed execution, to regular and frequent micro-breaks to rejuvenate in an air of readily accessed conviviality.

Though the way we work has long been transformed by the new tools of a digital era, the past two years hastened a permanent shift to where we work. Today's creatives, knowledge workers and entrepreneurs alike have cemented the status of New Work—wherein a mindset of "working to live instead of living to work" goes hand-in-hand with the freedom to work from anywhere—as the new normal.

As a cafe patron you are part of a special community of creators, leaders and most of all—compassionate denizens.

Relax, focus & meet at ease within an ecosystem of activity-based spaces: in the conviviality of the cafe, over a light lunch & slow coffee to get your creative juices flowing; stop over at KERI for fresh takes on modern Indian comfort wear; dapper up with all things sartorial at IAMMR; and a quick, rejuvenating dart up to LOFT for espresso & freshly baked cake.

PLUS Share ideas and neighbourly recommendations through our online forum OPEN and carry the conversation online at CNCT ... and back offline over a cup of coffee.


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